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Our school was founded in the early 90’s by Shelagh Grandpierre, an insightful and longstanding Tai Chi teacher with over 35 years experience.  We have...

Learning Authentic Tai Chi DVD

For new and current students of Tai Chi. From total beginners and those learning at home and for advanced students. Use as a learning aid for new...

Tai Chi 2021 Update

Public classes and workshops will resume in due course subject to government quidelines for re-opening our usual venue. Private lessons in Tai...

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Shelagh Granpierre

Beginning in London in the 1970’s, Irish born Shelagh Grandpierre, has studied Tai Chi for over 35 years. An Honorary President and Technical Panel member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, she has taught professionally since 1990. She has visited and studied with 4th generation members of the Yang family dynasty notably Yang Zhen Duo, and she has visited China for training with Yang Zhen Ji and his wife Pei Xiu Rong, For many years she has worked extensively with Christopher Pei. Because of her integrity, she has been invited to teach in Ireland and Scotland, both of which evolved into longstanding commitments, plus invitations to teach in Belgium and Mexico. Her writings have featured in noted American publications; Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Journal which are distributed worldwide.


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