Classes and Workshops

Tai Chi Classes

Join our ongoing friendly Tai Chi group on Thursdays at 7.30pm. We regularly welcome new students and we encourage you to go right ahead, as you are never too young, too old or too unfit!

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Begin here with a new energy for better health and wellbeing in the coming months!

An ancient traditional Chinese method of self-development, with a subtle blend of graceful movement, self-discipline, and effortless power. One of the the most effective ways to develop balanced health for the whole body the mind and the spirit. Though there is often an aura of mystery around it, Tai Chi is never the less a very practical art and one of the best ways to get grounded and improve your overall health and well being. Later, there is the opportunity to develop great skill and refinement within the art, as it is an art for life.

Come to our classes and experience for yourself the art of Tai Chi and discover what this health system can do for you. Let go of your daily concerns and become stronger both mentally and physically.  The flow of Chi throughout the body reduces stress, and strengthens bones and muscles, leading to a feeling of well-being. Benefits include greater endurance, patience, improved sleep, greater balance, coordination, confidence and inner peace. Anyone can practice Tai Chi, and the class is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Welcoming class atmosphere. You are never too old or too young to join!

Wear loose comfortable clothing (no jeans or tight belts), wear indoor shoes or soft trainers.

Open to all ages and fitness levels, warm friendly class atmosphere!

Please follow the Covid guidelines and sanitise your hands on arrival with the sanitiser provided. The hall will be marked with 2 metre spacing to help us maintain social distancing during the class. Please wear a mask on arrival. During the Tai Chi class the wearing of masks is optional as with any physical activity.