Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

The art of Tai Chi has three aspects: Martial Art System, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Philosophy.  With its roots in the philosophy of Tao, Tai Chi is based on the theory of Yin and Yang, interactive forces expressed around us in all phenomena, sun and moon, light and shade, north and south poles, water and rock, man and woman.

The movements of Tai Chi comprise of individual postures, each one with a martial application, which are linked together smoothly and continuously, likened to reeling silk from a cocoon.  In Tai Chi, Yin and Yang constantly interact to produce new energy, which is stored and expressed according to the intent within each move or technique.  Tai Chi practice with its suppleness and energy provides a balanced drill to the joints and all parts of the body.  Complete dedication is required on the movements during practice giving rise to a state of tranquillity.

Whether our initial interest is maintaining good health, the philosophy, or an interest in the martial aspect, Tai Chi training can touch our lives in a unique way, energising, invigorating and balancing body mind and spirit, amid the demands and changes of modern life.  

What is Yang Style Tai Chi?

Yang style Tai Chi has its roots in Chen Style, the original Tai Chi.  Beginning with Yang Lu Chan in the mid nineteenth century, three generations of the Yang family lifted Tai Chi from an art traditionally taught in closed circles, to a place of prominence in China. Subsequently, Tai Chi as we know it today was made a gift to the world through the inspired efforts of Yang Chen Fu, the 3rd generation Yang family member (1883-1936), whose refinements and openness regarding the inner teachings made Yang Tai Chi accessible to all, regardless of age or ability. His students brought the style to prominence in South East Asia and eventually to the west where Yang Tai Chi has become the most popular style taught around the world today.  


We study:

We practice the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi in the manner of Yang Zhen Ji, son of the great Yang Chen Fu. Our study programme encompasses all the body requirements and energy refinements inherent in Traditional Yang Tai Chi, and indeed all authentic Tai Chi.

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Long Form

Tai Chi Walking Meditation - Like a cat, agile, firm, light, deep, slow and smooth

Pushand drills

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Sword

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Sabre

Qi Qong training - Open up awareness in the body and experience the feeling of Qi.

Wudang Shen Quan Qi Gong - A unique Taoist direct lineage system from the Song Dynasty.