About Us

Our school was founded in the early 90’s by Shelagh Grandpierre, an insightful and longstanding Tai Chi teacher with over 45 years experience.  We have grown into a fellowship of instructors and students dedicated to the authentic within the teaching and promotion of the beautiful health giving art of Tai Chi. Our style is Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi; one of the 5 dynastic styles recognised in China and globally within the Tai Chi fraternity.

We are traditionally trained and therefore inspired and focused on the inner principles and internal energies promised within the style as handed down by the Yang Family direct lineage. We love to work with beginning and advanced students; in fact all interested students who wish to access the depth and integrity in the art; to do more than ‘wave their arms around’.  Our aim is to lead students to the experience of energy within the art whether in our classes or on one of our in depth courses, trainings and workshops.  Let’s make Tai Chi accessible to all.

We teach regular Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes and workshops, plus tasters and workshops for organisations.  We have taught many workshops by invitation around the UK, Europe and overseas, on various topics within Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  All our topics can be adapted for special groups. Our specialist courses foster self awareness and deep study leading to more refinement for the individual. The friendly atmosphere ensures much goodwill among the participants who often travel long distance from all parts of the UK and beyond.


We study:

We practice the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi in the manner of Yang Zhen Ji, son of the great Yang Chen Fu. Our study programme encompasses all the body requirements and energy refinements inherent in Traditional Yang Tai Chi, and indeed all authentic Tai Chi.

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Long Form

Tai Chi Walking Meditation - Like a cat, agile, firm, light, deep, slow and smooth

Pushand drills

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Sword

Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Sabre

Qi Qong training - Open up awareness in the body and experience the feeling of Qi.

Wudang Shen Quan Qi Gong - A unique Taoist direct lineage system from the Song Dynasty.