Shelagh Grandpierre

Shelagh Grandpierre has been teaching the art of Tai Chi to the people of Nottingham for over 25 years. She became an internationally known Tai Chi teacher through her workshops around the UK, Ireland, Scotland and overseas.

Starting in the London fashion industry in th 1970's , Shelagh was introduced to Tai Chi early on, a dedicated student, Shelagh went on to study with some of the great Tai Chi Masters in both the US and China, and later hosted Chinese master seminars held in Nottingham for many years.

This path was not for the faint hearted. Shelagh founded the Tai Chi Alliance School in 1990 through dedication, commitment and hard work, and has inspired and mentored many of her students to teach Tai Chi and open their own schools. Since then Shelagh has become an influential figure in the Tai Chi Union, the governing body of Tai Chi in Britain, and a leading expert on Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.

Shelagh has given so much more than just teaching the movements of Tai Chi, she has given her students guidance and advice, using the principles of Tai Chi and applying them in everyday situations to the benefit of all who have studied with her.  She is the genuine article.

In 2015, Shelagh Grandpierre celebrated 25 years of running her school in Nottingham. To mark this anniversary, her students arranged a day of Tai Chi workshops, demonstrations and taster sessions. The day was rounded out by a celebration banquet in the illustrious Mandarin Restaurant.