Yang Style Tai Chi Sabre

The pace picks up and the sabre swiftly but controlled follows the movements and energy set up in the legs, powered by the body’s turn and extending out beyond the arms and through the blade. Sabre training is suitable for more advanced students.


Yang Style Tai Chi Sabre Postures – 13 Rhymes

1  Step Forward to Seven Stars, Step Back to Ride the Tiger, Switch the Blade to the Right Hand.
2  Step Forward to Make Room, Rise and Flash Past, Unfold and Extend With your Spirit.
3  Look Left, Look Right, Separate Arms to the Sides.
4  White Crane Separates its Wings, Step Forward With Five Element Palm.
5  Turn Body and Rotate the Blade Around, Then Thrust as if the Lotus Leaves are Being Blown by the Wind.
6  Fair Lady Works at Shuttles in Eight Directions.
7  Opening and Closing of the Three Stars, Moving at their Own Will.
8  Front Lap Kick and Hit the Tiger
9  Use Ward Off Energy and Lift the Front Kick.
10  Rotate The Blade Around as if Pushing the Canoe Along With the Current.
11  Move Forward At Free Will With Three Harmonized Techniques.
12  Part the Water With Left and Right Upper Cuts, Jump Over the Dragon’s Gate.
13  Rotate the Blade and Slice Downward, Step Back as if the Phoenix Returns To its Nest.